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Trauma First Aid
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Range Masters Iowa Trauma First Aid

Range Trauma Class teaches critical steps to control airway, breathing, circulation after a gunshot wound. Time 2 hours

Cost is $249.00 per attendee and includes a medical trauma kit you can carry in your range bag ($180 value)

  • What you’ll be learning:  identification and treatment of the most common injuries to the airway, chest, and circulation.  We will learn to utilize the contents of the trauma kit or simple materials to control and treat life threatening injury.
  • Includes: Dr. David Stilley, MD, FACEP instructor, Individual First Aid Kit, hands on instruction.
  • Maximum number of students: 10 per session.  Minimum: 2 per session.
  • We keep student / Instructor ratio low to ensure the students receives the best possible Instruction & learning in a safe environment.
  • Successful completion of the Trauma First Aid class qualifies you to attend a future Advanced Range Trauma Class.

For larger groups or events, please contact us @ 515-661-4866.