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Range Masters Iowa
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We use for our online event registration. When you click on an event link below, you will be taken to the website to view event details and register for your event(s).

Beginning October 1st the following classes will have an increase due to the recent cost of ammunition.
  • Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons
  • New Shooters
  • Intro to Handguns
  • Basic Handguns
New Shooters Class
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Range Masters Iowa
New Shooters Class

New Shooters Class Training

$100 per person, $25 each additional person.

  • Learn the basics of handgun shooting.
  • Includes: ammunition, eyes & ears, targets and one on one instruction.
  • Normally takes around an hour for one shooter and 1 hour and half for two shooters.
  • Gun and ammunition is included.
  • Please call us for current dates and times or email