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Multiple Firearms Transition Training
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Range Masters Iowa
Multiple Firearms Transition Training

Multiple Firearms Transition Training

Cost per person is $300.00, two or more $275.00 each

**has completed either Intermediate Handgun or Advanced or MSR 1**

  • Review fundamentals for handgun drawing
  • Dry fire from this position
  • Live from this position
  • Review fundamentals of rifle positioning
  • Sulu position
  • Position 2, Position 3, Position 4
  • Dry Fire from these positions
  • Live fire from these positions
  • How to sling your rifle before, during and after an event
  • Dry fire first from these positions
  • Live fire from these positions
  • Review malfunctions for handgun & rifle
  • Implement both with dry fire exercises
  • Now implement these two systems together during live fire
  • Safety, Safety, Safety!!!
  • Equipment needed: Handgun, rifle, 3-4 magazines for both weapons systems, holster for handgun, sling for rifle, 300 rounds of ammunition for rifle and 300 rounds of ammunition for handgun, eyes and ears
  • Includes: Instructors, range time, targets, one free Amend magazine
  • Maximum students 6 to 8