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Modern Sporting Rifle 3
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Range Masters Iowa
Modern Sporting Rifle 3

Modern Sporting Rifle 3:  2-day Course

Cost per person is $425.00, two or more $375.00 each

**Has completed MSR 2 or like training approved by Training Director**

**This will start during the day and move into low light conditions**

  1. Low light shooting (do drills listed in MSR 2, but you’ll do it in low light environment)
  2. Go over how to use the weapon light and move through a structure (building clearing)
  3. Urban and modified prone behind cover
  4. Fire and maneuver
  5. Equipment needed: Same as MSR 2 but with functional weapon lights for both systems, 300 rounds of rifle ammunition, 200 rounds of pistol ammunition, load bearing vest or plate carrier to hold extra magazines for both systems as well.
  6. Maximum number of students 4 to 6

This firearm course will focus on tactical speed shooting and development of aggressive gun-handling skills during tactical deployment of the rifle for personal protection and home defense.

The concepts of dominating the weapon, threat and all visual area during dynamic action will be emphasized throughout this course.

Students will develop reflexive gun-handling skills that will enable them to quickly and efficiently engage threats while preforming multiple complex tasks.

Takes the student beyond the basics of the rifle and introduces the student to deployment techniques that are critical when deploying the rifle for personal defense.