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Modern Sporting Rifle 2
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Range Masters Iowa
Modern Sporting Rifle 2

Modern Sporting Rifle 2: 2-day course

Cost per person is $375.00, two of more $350.00 each

**Has completed MSR 1 or like training approved by Training Director**

  • Review AR Rifle 1
  • Go over standing at close quarters (drive the gun, don’t let the gun drive you)
  • Position shooting from 7 yard, 15 yard, 25 yard (talk about mechanical off set)
  • Magazine exchange drills, combat reload, tactical reload, speed reload
  • Malfunctions drills-when to clear or transition
  • Transition drills
  • Presentation from low ready / hunt position
  • Presentation from high ready / combat ready
  • Presentation from indoor ready
  • Shooting on the move forward and backward
  • Half turns, quarter turns, side steps
  • Multiple targets (scan are they down are there more)
  • Delivering controlled pairs and accelerated pairs
  • Threat assessment and area scanning
  • Work under pressure (timer)
  • Go over using cover and concealment/shooting rifle support side
  • Preventive maintenance and cleaning
  • Equipment needed: Serviceable AR15 and sidearm, 3-4 magazines for both weapon systems, holster and magazine holder, single, 2-point or 3 -point sling, 400 rounds of 5.56 ammunition and 200 rounds of pistol ammunition.
  • Maximum number students 6 to 8