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Modern Sporting Rifle 1
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Range Masters Iowa
Modern Sporting Rifle 1

Modern Sporting Rifle 1: 8- 10 hours

Cost per person is $275.00, two or more $250.00 each

** Has completed Introduction to MSR or like training approved by Training Director**

  • Review basic nomenclature of the weapon
  • Review disassembly and assemble of the weapon/cleaning and lube
  • Review sling use and carry techniques w/a two-point sling
  • Review fundamentals of position shooting – Prone, Sitting, Kneeling, Standing
  • Manipulating safety while moving into positions
  • Natural respiratory pause/trigger reset and follow through
  • How to adjust iron sights and optics MOA (apply the fundamentals at 100 yards
  • Dry fire on the Positions next w/snap cap
  • Loading and unloading – safe firearm procedures
  • Zeroing iron sights at 25 yards
  • Basic reloading of the weapon system itself
  • Evaluating your weapon & equipment
  • Malfunction drills
  • Test learned skills with an NRA rifle qualification
  • Equipment needed: Serviceable AR with 3-4 magazines, 300 rounds of ammunition, cleaning equipment, 2-point sling, iron sights (optics as well), eyes and ears
  • Equipment provided: Instructors, range time, targets
  • Maximum students 6