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Intermediate Handgun Operations
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Range Masters Iowa
Intermediate Handgun Operations

Intermediate Handgun Operations: Time 8 hours

**Has completed Instruction to Handgun and, Basic Handgun Operations already has a firearm (or like training and receives approval from Training Director) **

Cost for one person is $250.00, $225.00 for bringing a friend or family member.

  • Firearms Safety and fundamentals review
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship review
  • Safe Storage and transport review
  • Legal overview
  • Accessories (cleaning, range bags etc.)
  • Live fire  3 to 7 yard line (single shot and multiple shot engagements)
  • Live fire  7 to 10 yard line (single shot and multiple shot engagements)
  • Live Fire 10 to 15 yard line (single shot and multiple shot engagements)
  • Stoppage and Malfunction procedures
  • Reloading Procedures
  • Shooter initiated reloading – combat reloads
  • Introduction to movement (lateral shifts and kneeling position)
  • Teardown and maintenance/cleaning of the weapon
  • Equipment needed: 300 rounds of ammunition, holster, magazines holder and 3 magazines, eyes & ears
  • Includes: Our Instructors, classroom, range time, targets, eyes and ears if needed

Maximum students: 6