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NRA Pistol Instructor Course
Date Time Cost Register
April 18th & 19th 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM $325 REGISTER

This will enable you to start teaching Carry Concealed permit classes. You must qualify at 20 yards with your choice of gun (you'll have 2 opportunities to pass) and it must be 38 cal. or 9MM and higher. This 2 day course will cover basic instructor training , then carry on into how to teaching your student in the classroom.

You must register through the NRA WEB SITE for this class once you have signed up.

Once everyone gets checked in, you go and qualify.  Move your target to the 15 yard line and fire 16 out of 20 rounds on the approved NRA target. They must be within a 6" group as well.  You'll have two opportunities to qualify if needed.  After classes are done you be required to take an open book test and must have 80% or higher.  We'll move into the other area's for you to qualify.  See below list.

  1. At 15 yds - 16 out of 20 shots in a 6" group (you'll get two opportunities to pass)
  2. Safe Gun handling is required through both days!
  3. Clearing Common Stoppages:
    1. Failure to Fire Drill
    2. Double feed Drill
  4. Load/ Unload the following weapons:
    1. Single Action Revolver
    2. Double Action Revolver
    3. Semi Auto