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Basic Inside the Home Defense
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Range Masters Iowa
Basic Inside the Home Defense

Basic Inside the Home Defense:   Time 3 hours

Cost is $60.00 for the first person, $50.00 for bringing a friend or family member.

  • Awareness of your house, making sure you’ve secured everything – doors, windows, etc.
  • Awareness of where you keep your weapon and what to keep with it – weapon, hand held light, phone. Should you keep a backup weapon or light in other places of your house?
  • How to walk through your house and be aware of your surroundings – walking slowly, scanning, slicing the pie in your hallways and doorways, etc.
  • What to do, if confronted by an intruder – loud voices, have someone call 911, etc.
  • What do after the intruder leaves – law enforcement and what to say or do to comply with them.
  • Always remind them of NRA Firearms Safety Rules.
  • Legal Issues, discuss with a Licensed Attorney.
  • Equipment needed: paper and pen
  • Maximum number of students: 12