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Range Masters Iowa
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Basic Firearms Safety
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Range Masters Iowa
Basic Firearms Safety

Basic Firearms Safety:  Time 3 hours

Cost is $60.00 for the first person, $50.00 for two or more

  1. Descriptions & function for the following: Air Guns (rifles & handguns), Semi-Auto’s (single action, DA/SA, DAO), Revolvers (single action, DA), Shotguns (pump action, semi auto, break open action, bolt action), Rifles (bolt action, semi auto’s, break open action, lever action), Modern Sporting Rifle (black guns)
  2. Safety Procedures for all of these – hands on
  3. Description of the following: pellets, rimfire, centerfire.
  4. Range Etiquette
  5. NRA Safety Rules
  6. Maximum number of students: 12
  8. Equipment needed: nothing